Side Hustle Series

Part 2:  There’s No Shame in Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the simplest ways I earn extra income.  By spending a few minutes online with my morning cup of caffeine and adopting a few consistent digital habits like checking for Swag Codes when I log-on to Facebook or using the site as my primary search engine, I am shamelessly using Swagbucks to make extra money every month.

Here are my favorite ways to earn:

  • To Do List offers quick SBs for completing seven daily tasks, including a Daily Poll and clicking on the Deal of the Day. You’ll also get a bonus for completing at least six of the seven daily tasks.
  • Monitor your In-Box for earns like slideshows and videos. I focus on the opportunities that earn 1-2 SBs, since they’re the easiest and don’t require a purchase or an email address to redeem.  You can sort to see those first.
  • Use the Search function instead of Google.  You won’t earn SBs for every search, but their logarithm will have you netting frequent bonuses if you’re using it as your primary search engine.
  • Download the Swagbucks app to watch movie trailers from your phone or other device to earn SBs. (Aside from a tub of buttered popcorn and the Copa Di Vino stashed in my purse, the previews are my favorite part of going to the movies anyways!)
  • Activity Break streams commercials or interactive games promoting a variety of products, from pregnancy tests to veggie burgers. Unlike Discovery Break and nGage (mentioned below), if the opportunity is video-based, it’ll just be one video to redeem SBs.  Often you can redeem these multiple times a day before they expire.
  • Key your eye out for Swag Codes, which appear on social media and are shared online at Swag Codes Spoiler and SBCodez.  These free SB codes are released daily and sometimes, multiple times throughout the day.
  • Swagbucks will also payout bonuses if you hit their Daily Goal. Hitting your daily goal seven days straight will earn you 25 SBs, continue for two weeks and you’ll net another 100.  At three weeks you’ll earn 200 SBs, and a month of hitting your daily goal equates to a whopping 300 SBs.

Here are other ways to earn:

  • Discovery Break and nGage are series of sponsored video clips and internet content that you’ll earn SBs for exploring. These are more cumbersome than the Activity Breaks and SBTV app, plus in general I just don’t find the content as entertaining or interesting.
  • Similar to Ebates and Mr., there is a Shopping Portal, through which you can make online purchases to earn SBs. I always compare the redemption rate of multiple rebate sites when shopping, and Swagbucks rarely offers the most cash back, but there have been times when they’ve offered rebates for retailers not featured on other sites.
  • Surveys are the most lucrative way to earn SBs. You do get SBs for updating your survey profile, as well as 1-2 SBs for surveys you attempt but are disqualified for after the first few initial eligibility questions.  However, since neither my husband or I travel frequently for work, surveys are one the ways we earn points and miles for free flights and hotel stays.  So if I’m going to spend my time taking surveys, I prefer eMiles, Opinion Miles Club and e-Rewards.

Throw-out any stereotypes or existing perceptions you might have about side hustles like Swagbucks.  Swagbucks is for SAHMs, WOHMs, DINKs, SINKs and AARP members.  No matter your acronym, Swagbucks is a great way for you to make extra CASH.

Next in the Series:  eBay, Pawn Shops and On-Line Garage Sales

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