Kansas born, small town raised.  My husband, Ryan, and I live in Prairie  (yes, really....) Village, KS, a suburb of Kansas City.  The daughter of a CPA and a SAHM (and later, elementary school secretary), I was blessed to be raised in family that considers thrift a virtue, and modeled spending on priorities after first saving for the future.

Today, I’m my parents’ daughter.  A girl who cuts open her tube of toothpaste to use every last ounce, but who has also been fortunate to travel the world.  My goals:  I don’t just want a coupon, I want to maximize every purchase multiple ways.  I want to use a variety of side hustles and income streams to pay off our mortgage by 2020 and eventually, retire early.  All the while, I want to continue to travel the world - for free.


Us, on a literal yellow brick road.